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Invisible Hearing Aids

We all want to present the best appearance possible when we’re visiting family or friends or just out shopping or having fun. In fact, appearance is cited as one of the biggest concerns people have when selecting hearing aids - they want discreteness and power. That’s why Hearing Health Care is proud to offer Phonak’s Lyric hearing aid - a completely private, invisible-in-canal (IIC) device.

What are invisible hearing aids?

IIC hearing aids sit deep within the ear canal and are so small they’re well-hidden from view. Because they sit far into the ear, you get a more natural sound than from other styles of hearing aids. There are no wires or tubes, so sound enters your ear naturally, providing excellent quality.

earers report that their own voice sounds more natural with IIC hearing aids. That’s because IICs reduce what’s called the “occlusion effect.” That happens when hearing aids fill part of your ear canal, causing your voice to sound hollow or distorted. Because the IIC is deep within your ear, a smaller portion of your ear is covered, allowing sound waves through.  

What makes Lyric different?

Not only does Lyric produce clear, crisp, natural sound, it’s also 100-percent invisible and can be worn around the clock for months at a time. However, to ensure you’re taking care of your hearing aid, it’s still advisable to remove them during strenuous exercise and when showering. The Lyric device sits deep in the ear canal, using the location of the eardrum to not only create natural sounds, but to also remain discreet. 

While Lyric hearing aids are small in stature, they can still be equipped with a number of different features to personalize your listening experience. And the best part? No small batteries to change, meaning you can keep your hearing aids in for extended amounts of time without having to make adjustments. And because the Lyric device is made from a soft, biocompatible material designed to contour to your personal ear anatomy, you’ll hardly realize you’re wearing it! 

Is Lyric right for me?

Lyric devices are ideal for individuals with active lifestyles that want the benefits of hearing aids, without the upkeep. In fact, Lyric can be work during a number of different sporting events, when listening to music through headphones and even with a helmet on. This particular instrument is designed for individuals with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss and can be fitted easily by our provider. If you’re looking for a hearing aid that lets you live your life without much maintenance, the Lyric is the device you should consider. 

If you’d like to explore Lyric as an option, the provider at Hearing Health Care can help you determine if this device is right for your lifestyle, hearing loss and budget. Call for a hearing evaluation appointment today.