Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are tiny miracles of modern technology. They contain a combination of electronic circuitry and moving parts that work together to enhance your hearing. But just like any device, they may need service from time to time, even if you’ve properly cared for them. Don’t worry, a hearing care professional can help.

Troubleshooting Common Hearing Aid Repairs

Whether your hearing aid won’t turn on, sounds are muffled, or the battery door is unhinged, you don’t need to panic. Just bring your hearing aid to your local hearing care practice. We are fully prepared to diagnose any problem with your hearing aids. Many problems are minor, and we can perform many of these minor hearing aid repairs right here in one of our practices. If the problem is more complex and your hearing aids need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair, we can take care of that for you as well. If you think that your hearing aids are not working properly, do not delay. Bring your hearing aids to us and we will expertly troubleshoot the problem. They may just need a professional cleaning or new batteries.

Even if you didn’t buy your hearing aids from us, we can help. That’s because we are trained and equipped to service many models from most of the major hearing aid manufacturers. Just give us a call or stop by one of our practices and we can tell you if we service your brand.

Hearing Aid Cleaning

To keep your hearing aid working effectively, it’s important to clean it regularly. Make sure your hands are clean before gently wiping the hearing aid with a soft, dry cloth.

Never use cleaning fluid, alcohol, or water, since these can damage your hearing device.

Some common tools available to clean your hearing devices are:
  • Hearing aid cleaning brush – used to clean the device’s body, faceplate, or sound port.
  • Ear hook, wax pick, and wire loop – removes wax and waste from holes and crevices in the hearing aid.
  • MultiTool – a versatile tool that provides all the above options in 1 device. It’s usually made up of a wire loop, cleaning brush/toothbrush, and magnetic end.
Talk to your hearing care professional to find out which cleaning tools are best for your hearing aid model.

Warranty and Replacement

All new hearing aids are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. If you have a problem with your new hearing aids while they are under warranty, we can help free of charge. We can handle warranty repairs for all brands we service. Depending on the manufacturer, these repairs may even extend your warranty one year.

Even if your hearing aids are no longer covered by warranty, we may be able to repair them for a small fee. Just bring your hearing aids in for an assessment. It’s our pleasure to provide you with an estimate and take care of repairs for you.

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