Primary Hearing Aid Manufacturers


Oticon is making it easy for you to connect to the world around you. With Oticon Opn technology, your hearing aid allows you to receive calls hands-free, stream music to both ears and connect to the internet through the If This Then That network ( The Oticon ON App works with your smartphone and lets you make adjustments to volumes and programs with the click of a button. Rely on Oticon Hearing Aid Solutions to help you communicate, participate and interact fully in your day-to-day life.


Sonic’s range of aids is highly regarded, and its Enchant, Celebrate, and Cheer aids are incredibly popular. Contact us to discuss your ideal Sonic Innovations product or head to our product page for more details.


Phonak makes a huge array of hearing products – including the Lyric hearing aid mentioned above. Phonak creates hearing aids that can be worn day in, day out, which may be a good option for those with busy lifestyles.


Rechargeable hearing aids that charge overnight and last all day are the premium products you can find from Unitron. The company offers behind the ear and in the ear hearing aids like the Moxi Now which is billed as the world’s smallest rechargeable in-the-canal device.


ReSound has been in the hearing aid business for many years and offers a wide variety of devices for people with hearing loss. The company specializes in discreet, easy-to-use and personalized products, which include receiver in the ear and behind the ear models.


Signia hearing aids feature Own Voice Processing, allowing you to use a normal speaking voice in all environments. The Silk NX and Insio NX are small, in the ear devices that enhance natural sound quality. The Pure Charge&Go behind the ear hearing aids are rechargeable and feature wireless connectivity for use with smartphones and more.


Widex produces the Evoke smart hearing aid that learns as you use it. Ever changing environments call for the need of a hearing device that changes them to meet your needs. Evoke offers products to meet those needs. THey work automatically, and with a smartphone so you are able to choose and manage the control of their functions.


Starkey is another incredibly popular hearing aid manufacturer, and they offer a great selection of options that cover almost every possible level of hearing loss. Their latest range includes a hearing device that can connect to your smart devices such as,  iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

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