Hearing Aid Batteries

Digital hearing aids are more powerful and sophisticated than ever. However, they still rely on disposable or rechargeable batteries to keep them going. You never want to be caught with a dead hearing aid battery.

When you purchase your hearing aids from Hearing Health Care, we’ll cover the type of batteries your hearing aids use and show you how to change or recharge batteries during your fitting appointment. The amount of battery life you can expect with your hearing aids depends on the style you wear and the features you use.

Types of Hearing Aid Batteries

For years, hearing aids have used disposable batteries. However, as devices got smaller and smaller, so did their batteries. Handling such small batteries can be a challenge if you have problems with vision or dexterity. This led to the rise of rechargeable hearing aid batteries. Rechargeable hearing aid batteries make it much easier for people who have trouble manipulating or seeing small items such as hearing aid batteries to maintain their devices. Most hearing aids powered by rechargeable batteries can also use disposable batteries if necessary.

Standard disposable hearing aid batteries use zinc ion technology. The batteries contain zinc that creates a reaction when it meets the oxygen in the air. If your hearing aids use disposable batteries, store your devices at night with the battery door open and in the off position. This simple step will give you maximum battery life and prevent corrosion.

You always want to keep spare disposable batteries on hand. Hearing Health Care makes it easy to stay supplied. We carry every size hearing aid battery. Even if you didn’t buy your hearing aids from us, we have the batteries you need.

Hearing Aid Battery Sizes

Disposable batteries are available in different sizes. But shopping for hearing aid batteries is easy. Each size is color-coded, so you only need to remember the color. Hearing aid battery colors and sizes are:

  • Orange (#13)
  • Brown (#312)
  • Yellow (#10)
  • Blue (#675)

Extending Battery Life

Only use the proper charging device for rechargeable batteries. Most rechargeable hearing aids have a cell phone app that includes a feature to let you monitor your battery charge level. To lengthen the life of your rechargeable batteries don’t recharge them if they have more than 70% power.

Store disposable batteries in a cool, dry place. That doesn’t mean the refrigerator. While the fridge may be cool, it is not dry, and moisture and condensation decrease battery life. Keep your spare batteries away from coins or other metal items to prevent an accidental discharge of power. Extend battery life by always storing your devices in the off position. When you insert new hearing aid batteries, fully activate the battery by waiting several minutes between the time you remove the strip on the battery and the time you insert the battery. This ensures the zinc gets proper exposure to air.

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