DIY Milk Jug Bird Feeder

You will need

Empty Clean Water or Milk Jug With Lid

Skewer or Hole Punch

Chopsticks or Wooden Dowels

Craft Supplies Such as Paint and Sequins



Bird Seed

How to Assemble

Step One

You’ll want to do step one and two! Take your scissors and cut a window on two sides of your jug, big enough for birds to be able to fit.

Step Two

Take your skewer or hold punch and put two holes big enough to fit your perches(chop sticks or wooden dowels) through. 

Step Three

Now for the fun part! Gather all of your craft supplies and let the grandkids go to town and make it their own. This can be painting it, gluing on sequins, writing their names, etc. 

Step Four

Take the wooden dowels or chopsticks and stick them through the holes you created before.

Optional: If the holes don’t seem to hold the stick(s) securely, you can use with a hot glue gun and adding some around the holes.

Step Five

Use the string to hang the bottle – cut a length long enough to tie around the neck of the bottle with some room to spare, and knot it under the lid so that it can’t slip off. Loop the long end of the remaining string over the top and make a matching knot on the other side to form a handle.

Step Six

Fill the bottom space of the jug with bird seed and hang it up to enjoy!