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What Is Wireless Connectivity In Hearing Aids?

Experiencing hearing loss is not as bad as it sounds, but many people feel self-conscious or embarrassed about not being able to hear certain things such as the TV or the phone. Many people do not seek help for their hearing loss, and live in silence despite all the help available.

Hearing loss is very common and can be caused by a great many things, but the most important thing is to seek assistance to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Hearing loss does not have to be a problem; there are so many solutions and treatments available. One very common, simple solution to hearing loss is to wear a hearing aid.

The Function Of A Hearing Aid

A hearing aid is a simple contraption with so many wonderful benefits. It is a device containing a tiny microphone which picks up the sound around you when you wear it. The hearing aid then amplifies the sounds into your ear so that you can hear them more easily. Almost 30 million citizens of the United States could benefit from a hearing aid, while many of these people never seek help for their hearing loss. Hearing loss is not a big deal in this day and age; with the incredible technology being developed, most people experiencing hearing loss can manage it very easily.

There are a few different types of hearing aids which have slightly different aesthetics, but all serve exactly the same function. There are in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids which sit in the very center of your outer ear. These are small and subtle hearing aids compared with the more traditional behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids which sit on top of and behind your outer ear. BTE hearing aids have a small wire which connects the microphone to your inner ear. These are more conspicuous, but generally pick up a wider array of noises than ITE hearing aids.

If you are experiencing hearing loss or know somebody who is, make sure you contact an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist who can examine your inner ears and discuss your symptoms in more detail.

Wireless Connectivity In Hearing Aids

One piece of technology which is making its way into the hearing loss world is wireless connectivity in your hearing aids. Just like wireless headphones, many types of modern hearing aids have Bluetooth functions. Bluetooth is a program installed in all laptops, smartphones and some modern televisions too.

It allows your device to connect to another device without wires, letting you listen to your music, your television or even a phone call using Internet connection – all through your hearing aid. This means you will never have to blast the TV on full volume again; never have to ask those on the phone to repeat themselves. These wireless connected hearing aids can help improve your quality of life even further than a regular hearing aid.

These hearing aids are very helpful to anyone who wants to stay connected without the fuss of fiddling with your hearing aid or device. The simple addition of Bluetooth helps the hearing aid wearer use their devices with less fuss, and can increase focus, reduce frustration and stress, and generally improve the usability of the hearing aid. Step into the future with fantastic Bluetooth-wireless hearing aids!

How To Access Wireless Connected Hearing Aids

If you are interested in switching from your current hearing aid model to a Bluetooth version, contact us today to discuss your Bluetooth hearing aid options. If you are experiencing hearing loss but have never before pursued a hearing aid, this handy function might change your mind. The Bluetooth hearing aid is well and truly busting hearing loss stereotypes, bringing this very common condition into the mainstream and helping anyone with hearing loss live their lives as they choose. No compromises.

Our hearing care professionals offer a range of wireless connected hearing aids to those in need of hearing assistance. We know your life begins when you can start hearing clearly, which is why we offer the solutions you need to get the most out of your listening experience. Simply book a hearing evaluation with one of our expert audiologists or hearing instrument specialists today to find out how you can access them.

To book in your appointment or find out more about how wireless connectivity in hearing aids could change your life, call 1-888-553-7520 today. You won’t regret exploring this fabulous, modern option to aid you in your hearing loss journey.