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Setting up a annual hearing appointment

What is an annual appointment?

“Have you scheduled your annual appointment yet?” Odds are you have received an email or piece of mail with this phrase on it in the past. Doctors’ offices and medical facilities send out these notices to each person who has had an appointment with them as a reminder that it is time to come in again. Annual appointments are important because they allow your Hearing Health Professional to track your hearing health over time and pinpoint any changes.  

What happens during an appointment?

At the beginning of each annual appointment, your Hearing Health Provider will begin with a quick health check. This includes questions such as:

  • Have you had any changes in your medication? Any blood thinners? 
  • Have you been experiencing any dizziness, vertigo, or pain?
  • Do you have any concerns about your hearing health?

After the quick health check, you will move on to the standard hearing assessment. During this, your ability to hear different frequencies, tones, and words in each ear will be tested. This allows the Hearing Health Provider to see if there have been any changes over the last year, and if so, they will be explained.

After this part of the appointment, you may be asked to go ahead and make your appointment for the following year. 

What if I wear hearing aids?

Your annual appointment may look different depending on what your needs are. If you are a wearer of hearing aids, there will be a little more to do compared to someone who does not currently wear them. The main goal of this appointment is to ensure that your hearing aids are in the condition they should be in based on their age. The appointment will start the same way as someone who does not currently wear hearing aids: a quick health check and a basic hearing assessment. 

Next is where the appointment will start to look a little different. Your hearing aids will be professionally cleaned, even if you have been cleaning them yourself. This helps make sure that nothing will be affecting the quality of the hearing aid. After this, your Hearing Health Provider will check the sound quality of the hearing aid to make sure that everything is working properly. Changes may be made to the sound levels to match your hearing goals as well as the new data gathered from your hearing assessment. Lastly, if your hearing aids use rechargeable batteries, the Provider will check the quality of those so you can get the best charge possible every day. 

Do I need to come in more than once a year?

Typically, you will not need to come in for an appointment more than once a year. There are a few reasons that someone may be asked to come in more than once. If you have just received hearing aids for the first time or a new pair, you may need to come in after a month or so for an adjustment. Another reason that someone may need more frequent visits is due to medical reasons such as diabetes or chemotherapy. Both can cause more rapid changes in hearing loss.

Final thoughts

Your hearing health is important! By coming in for an annual appointment, you are taking important steps to ensure your hearing health is the best that it can be.