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What Do Audiologists Do?

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The word “doctor” is often used to describe a whole range of different professions. In the case of an audiologist, you can think of them as specialists that are experts when it comes to hearing. They understand the structure of the ear, what could affect it and what types of conditions could affect your ear.

But the purpose of an audiologist can sometimes be confusing or misleading, so in this article, we’re going to explain exactly what an audiologist can do for you and why you should consider visiting one at some point in your life.

1. Audiologists help with hearing loss

One of the most common conditions that an audiologist can help with is hearing loss. Hearing loss affects many people due to their occupations or lack of care for the level of hearing they’re exposed to. This results in hearing loss that is often permanent and the patient will require hearing aids if they want to hear effectively again. Audiologists will go through the entire process with the patient; from diagnosing the hearing loss to recommending a hearing aid, your audiologist will be able to quickly and effectively help you with this condition.

2. Audiologists help with tinnitus

Often described as a ringing or buzzing noise in your ears, tinnitus can affect anyone and it’s a difficult symptom to pinpoint. A full medical examination of your ears is recommended in order to figure out the root cause and this is where an audiologist can come in handy. They’ll be able to check for any underlying issues that could be causing your tinnitus and they’ll also refer you to any other specialists they need to in order to help you manage your tinnitus, such as introducing you to sound therapy, retraining therapy or even cognitive behavioral therapy to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus.

3. Audiologists help remove earwax

Earwax can actually build up very quickly and many people use the wrong tools and methods to remove it. For example, cotton swabs are very common tools that people use to clean their ears, but what they don’t realize is that it gradually pushes the earwax deeper into your ears, potentially causing impacted earwax or blockages that have to be removed professionally. This can easily be done by an audiologist that uses professional tools to help clean your ears. It’s safer, it’s faster and far more effective than any tools or chemicals that you can use at home.

4. Audiologists give advice on hearing protection

If you’re suffering from hearing loss or want to know more about the products that are available which can protect your hearing, then an audiologist is the perfect person to speak with. They’ll be able to provide hearing protection that is right for your occupation and needs, limiting the number of choices you need to make. They could even offer you custom hearing protection if needed. This involves using a mold to create the perfect hearing protection that will fit your ears.

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