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A BTE hearing aid

What Are Earmolds?

If you’ve been to see your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist recently and they’ve mentioned hearing aids, you may have come across the term earmolds. Earmolds are a component of some types of hearing aid. They are small parts, which are custom-made to fit in your ear. If you’re thinking about which type of hearing aid to choose or you’re exploring the options in more detail, here is some useful information about earmolds.


What Exactly is an Earmold? 

An earmold is an insert, which forms part of a type of hearing aid known as a behind-the-ear hearing aid or a BTE. The earmold is the component, which nestles inside the ear. Earmolds are custom-made and are designed to fit your ear perfectly for maximum comfort.

When you’re considering which type of hearing aid to choose, it’s essential to think about comfort. Hearing aids can have an incredibly positive impact on your quality of life, but if you find them uncomfortable, you may be unlikely to wear them as often as you should. With earmolds, it’s crucial to achieve the right fit, and this is why it’s so important to see your audiologist or hearing care specialist if you are having trouble hearing and you feel that you might benefit from wearing hearing aids. 


Types of Earmolds

There are two main types of earmold: the concha and the canal. Concha ear molds fit snugly inside the bowl of the ear, which is also known as the concha. Canal earmolds sit inside the ear canal. Within each category, there are subsections. If you have a concha earmold, for example, you can choose from a shell, half-shell, or skeleton earmolds. Full shell earmolds occupy the entire well of the ear, while half-shell molds take up half of the concha. The skeleton mold has a hole in the middle, which makes it easier to fit.

Some types of earmold suit some people better than others. When you see your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist, they will talk to you about the different options, go through the pros and cons and help you decide which mold is best for you based on your individual preferences and the shape of your ears.


Getting the Fit Just Right

If you looked at a group of 100 people, you’d find that no two people have the same ears. As every individual is unique, it’s essential to provide earmolds that fit properly. There is no universal size or shape that will suit everyone and your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will use their skills and expertise to get your earmolds just right. It’s vital to get the fit right, not just for comfort purposes, but also to ensure you get the most out of your hearing aids. If your hearing aids don’t fit properly, there’s a risk of experiencing feedback. This causes you to hear screeching noises.

If you’ve noticed a difference in your hearing or you’ve been for a hearing assessment and your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist has recommended hearing aids, you may have heard of earmolds. Earmolds are a component of hearing aids, which are designed to ensure a perfect fit. There are various types of earmolds available and your hearing care professional can help you to choose the best option for you. Call today to speak with one of our hearing health professionals at one of our convenient locations (888) 553-7520.