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The Signs of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is difficult to notice unless you’re paying very close attention to the quality of your hearing. In fact, most people don’t realize they’re suffering from hearing loss until someone explicitly tells them, such as a hearing instrument specialist or audiologist, or even a friend that mentions their devices being incredibly loud. Hearing loss is also not particularly painful unless it’s being caused by damage to the inner ear or an infection. As a result, the only real indication that you’re losing your hearing is if someone mentions it to you or if you go in for a hearing examination.

However, since hearing loss is caused by many different factors, it’s possible to pinpoint certain causes of hearing loss and examine those signs specifically. For example, noise-induced hearing loss is one of the more common reasons for hearing loss, and there are a couple of symptoms that do stand out. In this article, we’re going to talk about the different signs of noise-induced hearing loss and what to look out for. 


Taking A Look At Your History And Lifestyle

Noise-induced hearing loss is caused by exposure to loud noises on a regular basis. For instance, if you work as a DJ in a club or as a construction worker, you’ll be exposed to loud sounds on a regular basis and will need to wear hearing protection if possible to make sure that you’re not hurting your ears and causing noise-induced hearing loss. Taking regular breaks is also a good idea to ensure that your ears have time to relax between loud and constant noises.

If you have a lifestyle that revolves around exposure to loud sounds, then you may want to wear more hearing protection. If you don’t, then it can quickly lead to signs of noise-induced hearing loss. By understanding what noises in your life are too loud and either avoiding them or working around them, you can drastically increase your chances of combating noise-induced hearing loss to preserve your hearing for many years to come.


The Signs Of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Now let’s take a look at some of the symptoms you can expect if you’re suffering from noise-induced hearing loss.

  • Difficulty hearing certain frequencies like high-pitched noises – A good example of an everyday high-pitched noise is the chirping of birds. If you’re having difficulty picking up sounds at different frequencies, then it’s possible that you’re starting to develop noise-induced hearing loss.
  • Ringing in your ears similar to tinnitus – Ringing in your ears can be caused by a number of things, but if it happens at random times or when you’re in silence by yourself then there’s a possibility that you are starting to develop noise-induced hearing loss or potentially tinnitus.
  • Feelings of pressure or fullness in the ear – A feeling of pressure or fullness may cause a little discomfort or even pain and can be considered a sign of noise-induced hearing loss, especially if your lifestyle exposes you to a lot of loud noises.
  • Distorted or muffled sounds that never used to occur – If you’re noticing that certain sounds in your everyday life have become distorted or muffled, then it’s possible that your hearing has suffered over time.
  • Temporary hearing loss after exposure to loud sounds – If you’re exposed to sudden loud noises throughout the day and you eventually find yourself with reduced hearing ability, then it could be a symptom of noise-induced hearing loss.
  • Difficulty understanding people in a conversation – If you occasionally notice that you’re having trouble keeping up with conversations, then it could be caused by hearing loss. For instance, if you’re at a party or a social gathering and you need to ask people to repeat themselves constantly, then there’s a possibility that you’re starting to develop noise-induced hearing loss.

These are a couple of the common signs to look out for if you have noise-induced hearing loss. If you need more assistance or would like to have a hearing examination from a trained hearing professional, then don’t hesitate to contact us today at (888) 553-7520.

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