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The Latest Advancements in Hearing Aid Technology

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To the average person, hearing aids are just small devices that help improve your hearing. But, did you know that there is so much technology built into these tiny things? It may not seem like it, but hearing aids have become highly advanced over the last decade or so. New advancements are coming every year and this excites every audiologist in the hearing healthcare profession!

More technological advancements mean better features for patients and improved devices. So, what are the latest and greatest things coming to the hearing aid world? Well, here’s a sprinkling of the newest hearing aid technology out there right now:

Fuel cell technology

One of the most widely talked about innovations is the concept of using fuel cells in hearing aids to replace traditional batteries. This technology uses something called Methanol, which produces electrical energy when air meets the fuel cell. There are no emissions to worry about and a hearing aid can have sustainable power without the need for batteries. There are some serious possibilities here, but this advancement is very much in its baby stage!

Rechargeable hearing aids

Following on from this idea of hearing aid power technology, we have rechargeable technology. This is an advancement that’s already on the market and it’s clear to see how much of a difference it will make. No longer will you need to purchase multiple batteries that have to be changed every few weeks; you can merely recharge one over and over again. It’s a popular idea as it can help you save a fortune on hearing aid batteries and we firmly believe more and more companies will be releasing these devices in 2019.

Bluetooth connectivity

Now, this isn’t so much a recent advancement as many hearing aids have had Bluetooth capabilities for years. It’s a very popular piece of hearing aid tech as it allows you to connect your device to a smartphone and use a corresponding app to alter settings, change the volume and so on. You can even play audio from your phone through the hearing aid as well. But, one advancement in this area is that manufacturers are finally bringing out hearing aids that are Made For Android. Up until now, most Bluetooth hearing aids were Made For iPhone, meaning you only really benefitted from this technology if you had an iPhone. Now, people with Android devices can enjoy all this cool stuff as well!

Artificial intelligence

Perhaps one of the most intriguing developments comes in the form of AI technology. Those of you that own a smartphone will probably know a little bit about this. For those that don’t, it basically refers to software in a device that can do things by itself and continuously learn new things based on different patterns. For example, your phone knows what apps to suggest for you based on the apps you use every day. In hearing aids, this technology is slowly creeping into devices and it has some incredible uses.

Firstly, AI can be used to track data through hearing aids, which will allow manufacturers to update their devices in real-time, improving the functionality based on how people use their device. Not only that, but we’ve seen some devices use AI to translate foreign languages through your hearing aids, meaning you hear what people are saying in whatever language you desire.

While both of these things are incredibly interesting, there’s one specific idea that we find particularly groundbreaking. By using artificial intelligence, manufacturers can install sensors in your hearing aids that notice when you fall over. The AI then recognizes this and can notify emergency services. It’s particularly useful as people with hearing problems are prone to balance issues and many people fall over and can’t get up. This technology can help individuals get the assistance they need as soon as possible.

Why is hearing aid technology so important?

We care a lot about the latest advancements in hearing aid technology because it will change your life for the better. All of these things are designed to improve the overall experience you have when using a device. Whether this means saving money by not worrying about buying new batteries or getting to use cool features like Bluetooth technology; it all leads to a better quality of life.

At Hearing Health Care, we’re experts in all things revolving around hearing aids and hearing health. If you’ve got any questions about hearing aid technology or need advice on what device is best for you, then give us a call today. You can contact one of our two offices and we’ll happily book you in for a consultation with an experienced audiologist: