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The Latest Advancements in Hearing Aid Technology

The past few years have given us some fantastic advances in the latest hearing aid technologies. From filtering out your own voice to sensors in our hearing aids that can keep track of our health, there are plenty of new advances that will give us new ways to use our hearing aids. To determine what kind of technology you could benefit from, learn more about the different options you have available to you and the ones still being developed.


More Connectivity Options

Connectivity in hearing aids is continually advancing for hearing aids. From being able to connect easily to your television and speakers to made-for-smartphone solutions, your hearing aids are able to serve a number of different purposes in terms of connectivity.

Connectivity is going to become far better with the help of new hearing aid technologies. We’re already seeing some connectivity options such as Bluetooth which enables us to connect our hearing aids to our smartphones, allowing us to take calls and listen to music without needing a separate pair.

As time passes, more and more connectivity options will be available for users of hearing aids. However, protocols such as Bluetooth are already a massive step up from previous hearing aids because it’s a standard that is used in several different tech devices like laptops and smartphones. We may even start to see smart home integration into our hearing aids, such as automatically adjusting profiles based on what part of the home you’re in.


Sensors Included In Hearing Aids

Sensors can perform a wide variety of tasks. From being able to track your heart rate to your orientation, sensors can offer you many unique advantages depending on your personal needs. There’s virtually an endless number of use cases for sensors; from being able to track if you’ve fallen over to keeping an eye on metrics and vitals that affect your health, there’s no shortage of fantastic ideas for how we can start using sensors in our hearing aids.

With advancements in smart technology, it’s possible that our hearing aids will be able to start detecting our personal needs and surroundings, such as if we enter a building or if we’re driving and automatically adjust our hearing aid profiles. For instance, if a sensor has noticed that you’ve entered a club based on a GPS tracker, then it will attempt to reduce the amount of noise around you and specifically target conversations. Similarly, your hearing aids may increase in volume and pick up more frequencies if it’s late at night, and you’re walking home.


Improved Rechargeable Hearing Aids

For a long time, hearing aids have been using disposable batteries that can be difficult to swap depending on the make and model of your hearing aid. Buying batteries was also expensive over a long period of time, and it was frustrating to experience a dead battery when you needed your hearing aids to work. Thankfully, recent hearing aid innovations have made it possible to include lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, but they’re still in their infancy, and only a handful of hearing aid brands have decided to switch over.

As a result, we might be seeing a few more upgrades in the future with smaller batteries that contain more charge. This means that the future will bring more powerful devices that can last longer and be charged faster, ultimately phasing out the need for disposable batteries. Of course, there will likely still be models around that use batteries instead, but the rechargeable varieties will be a lot more economical and convenient.

In addition to offering more convenience, more power means that manufacturers can squeeze in more features such as Bluetooth connectivity and additional sensors without being worried about draining the battery. These features will be toggleable so that you can save battery when they aren’t in use.

With all the latest advancements in hearing aid technology, it can be hard to decide whether or not you should upgrade to something a little more modern. If you’re ever in need of expert assistance, we can provide you with professional advice directly from our hearing instrument specialist or audiologist. As experts that understand and keep up with all of the latest advances, they can inform you about all of the greatest updates to hearing aids and how they can enhance your lifestyle.

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