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The Benefits of Custom Ear Protection

Hearing damage often occurs as a result of old age or an injury, but it can also happen due to exposure to loud sounds. A “loud” sound could be something simple and every day such as using a lawnmower, and it could even happen if you’re driving or taking public transportation. It goes without saying that protecting your ears is incredibly important, but you also need to consider the way you do it.


The Problem With Regular Hearing Protection

Most forms of hearing protection are not completely suited to your needs. For instance, they’re not designed to fit your ears and they’re not designed to fit your personal uses. If you need a pair of earmuffs for when you ride your motorcycle, then you may find that they don’t fit correctly with your helmet, that they don’t provide enough hearing protection, or that they’re too hot when worn on your ears.

It can take a long time to search for a suitable pair of hearing protection, so it’s often best to speak to your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist and get a custom pair made for your exact needs. This will save you a lot of hassle in the future and it means you don’t need to waste money buying and trying several different pairs.


Benefits of Custom Ear Protection

Let’s take a look at the common benefits you can expect to see when switching to custom ear protection:

  • Perfect fit for long-term use – You no longer have to worry about replacing ear protection all the time. When you purchase wax balls or foam earplugs, you often expect to only use them a couple of times before they need to be replaced. This results in a lot of wasted money especially if you need to use them all the time. A pair of custom earplugs or muffs means that you don’t need to worry about purchasing lots of replacements.
  • Fit for your ears – A custom pair of hearing protection also means that you don’t need to buy several just to check how they fit. Instead, you can have your ear checked, have custom ear protection molded exactly to your liking, and have it fit perfectly the first time. You can even adjust it to your liking.
  • Built for your needs – Your hearing care professional will likely ask you some questions regarding how you plan to use your ear protection. For example, if you’re using it for work at a construction site, then you might consider comfort and long-term use as very important factors that determine just how useful they are. However, if you only plan to use them for short periods of time, such as whenever you’re playing a song in a band, then you might prefer the convenience of being able to put them on and take them off quickly.


These are just a couple of the advantages you can expect when you switch to custom hearing protection. Your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will be able to advise you further on the types you can use and the different options you have available to you. Call our hearing health professionals today to see what different options are available at one of our convenient locations: (888) 553-7520.