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Caring for your hearing aids during summer

Summer Hearing Aid Care

The summer months are quickly approaching! Warm weather, sunshine, days sitting by the pool, and so many other activities are a part of what makes summer fun. As fun as these things are after the long winter months, they have the potential to cause damage to your hearing aids. 

What to do if you get sand in your hearing aids

No one likes getting sand in their shoes, much less getting it stuck in their hearing aids. If you’re spending a day at the beach and happen to drop your hearing aids in the sand, there are ways you can get the sand out quickly and go back to having fun! You can use a dry cloth and a toothbrush to knock most of the sand out. If you have your cleaning kit with you, that can also be used to get rid of a good portion of the sand. 

After this happens, remember to tell your Hearing Care Provider at your next appointment. They will be able to use a small vacuum to remove all the sand to ensure that it does not cause any problems for you in the future. 

What to do if you get water in your hearing aids

There are countless water activities for people to participate in during the summer. Pools, wading in the ocean, boating, and waterparks are just some examples. While partaking in these fun activities, it is important to remember to take the proper precautions to ensure your hearing aids do not get water damage. Options for this include removing the hearing aids before the activity begins and placing them in a safe and dry place. If you must wear hearing aids, wearing an old pair when participating in water-based activities is recommended. 

Hearing aids are meant to be water-resistant, not waterproof. Accidents happen and sometimes hearing aids end up getting dropped into the water. If that happens, get them out of the water as soon as possible and place them into a bag of rice for 24 hours. There are also drying kits made for hearing aids that can be used in this situation. 

What to do if you get sunscreen on and in your hearing aids 

Sunscreen helps protect us from the sun while we spend our days outdoors, but it can plug up different pieces of your hearing aid. If sunscreen gets into the receiver, it can lead to it being clogged and not performing correctly. A sign of the receiver being plugged is everything sounding like you are underwater. If this happens, take your hearing aids to your Hearing Health Provider to get them cleaned out. To avoid this happening, remove your hearing aids before applying sunscreen.