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Smart Ways to Protect Your Hearing

Are you worried about damaging your hearing? If so, then it’s essential to take the right steps and make sure that you are protecting your ears and your hearing. Hearing loss is a common problem today, and contrary to belief is not confined to the elderly population. It’s possible for anyone to suffer from hearing loss even if you’re in your twenties or teens. That’s why it’s worth exploring ways to protect yourself. You can speak to your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist about this, but we can provide you with some helpful advice and information. Let’s look at some of the options here.


Reduce the Volume

One of the easiest and most subtle ways to damage your hearing is simply by listening to sounds at a volume that is too high. This could be on your TV, your laptop, soundbar, surround system or phone. You need to be particularly careful when you are using headphones because this blasts the noise right into your ear and it’s easy to miss that the volume is actually far too high. How does this happen?

Well, think about when you are listening to music. When you listen to music, you actually listen to songs going through on something like Spotify. You might find a song that you don’t like comes up, but rather than turning it down, you may tune it out and then wait for a better song. When that song comes on, you may turn up the volume. The volume gets higher and higher but never decreases regardless of what song plays. The same can be true when you’re watching a movie. You might turn it up for a spoken scene, but you won’t turn it back down for a scene with explosions or loud car chases.

If you look at the volume, you might be surprised how high it actually is. It should be about midway, and anywhere higher than this probably will be risking your hearing at least slightly. You should consider turning it down. It might seem quiet at first, but eventually, your ears will adjust.


Avoid Loud Noise

You should also think about avoiding loud noises in your personal life. Anything louder than 80 decibels will be enough to damage your hearing. Now, you might think that you won’t be exposed to noises like this if you are staying away from things like jet engines. Don’t be so sure because there are plenty of areas where sounds at this level are quite frequent. Do you like heading to an IMAX cinema? The volume here can regularly exceed the recommended level leaving your hearing at risk. The ad for IMAX actually suggests that the theater can provide the same impact as a plane taking off, and you will feel your seat shake. This isn’t an effect. It’s purely the impact of the sound blasting through the arena from speakers all around you.

Another example would be a music concert. You only need to look at the massive speaker systems and amps to know that the noise level is probably too high, particularly when you realize that you can hear the sounds clearly outside the arena.


Protect Yourself at Work

You could even be working in an environment where loud noise is an issue. Examples could include a construction site or a runway. You could also be a train driver. All these jobs do expose you to loud noises, and you might think that makes the danger unavoidable. In reality, though, your employer has to protect you from harm, and that does include your hearing. Ask your hearing professional about how they can do this and the steps that they should be taking.

This could be earmuffs or even custom earplugs. The important thing is learning what your options are and the amount of protection you need to prevent hearing loss.


Wear Ear Protection

Of course, these aren’t the only options for ear protection. There are actually many devices that you can wear include ear-pods. These fit into your ear and are often gel. That means that they can be molded to fill the hole. It ensures that sound cannot travel into your ear; however, it only reduces the level of noise. You will still be able to hear the words of music or similar noises clearly, just at a far lower volume. So, these are perfect if you do love your music concerts.

We hope this helps you understand the best ways to protect your hearing. To learn more about our hearing care professionals and the services we offer call us today at (888) 553-7520. We’re here to help provide the information you need.