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Small Hearing Aids

It doesn’t matter what your budget is when it comes to hearing aids, you get the choice of the larger hearing aid options or small hearing aids that are more discreet. Those who are suffering from hearing loss want to ensure that they can hear, but confidence is the preference here and if you are more comfortable and confident with a small hearing aid, then you should go for one. In the market today, discreet hearing aids are becoming more and more popular and this is largely because when it comes to hearing loss, most people don’t want to advertise that they have issues with their hearing. While it’s really nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s wonderful that we now live in a time that we get the choice of size of hearing aid, to the point that some are even invisible! At one of our convenient locations, our audiologists or hearing instrument specialists can advise you on the best hearing aid style for your hearing needs and talk you through the options so that you are making the correct decision for you. It’s all about your comfort and we are happy to assist.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, you need to make an appointment with an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. You will be able to have your hearing tested and measured on an audiogram so that your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist can ascertain whether you need hearing aids. You will also be measured and molded for hearing aids so that you can have the ones with the right fit for your exact ears. With all of that in mind, it’s important for you to know exactly what options you have to mull over, so that you can walk away from your appointment feeling at ease.

In The Ear (ITE)

It’s one of the most popular styles around and ITE hearing aids are small, discreet and can be made in a range of colors. You can buy flesh colored designs so that you can match your skin tone and hide them away if you don’t want people to see the hearing aids. They’re a good one for a first-time wearer for hearing aids and they incorporate a sound processor as well as a receiver. They’re hardly noticeable and they allow natural sound to enter the ear and don’t block out external noise.

In The Canal (ITC)

These are extremely discreet for the user, sitting directly into the canal of the ear, which provides a more natural listening experience. These are custom-fit for the patient and have a longer battery life compared to some of the other smaller-sized hearing aids. They’re perfect for mild hearing loss and the color variety can be changed to suit your needs. Because of their size, you will want to ensure you can easily handle the devices when it comes to changing batteries or cleaning them.

Completely In Canal (CIC)

These are very popular for their discreet qualities and the fact that they sit right into the ear canal, which means that cannot be seen outside the ear canal. They suit several hearing loss types, from mild to moderate, but are not ideal for those with limited dexterity due to the very small size and shape of them. This can make it difficult to change hearing aid batteries or clean the devices.

Invisible In Canal (IIC)

These are the smallest devices available and are worn deep in the ear canal, offering a natural listening experience and minimal upkeep. These hearing aids offer the highest level of privacy and can hardly be felt in the canal. However, because of their small size, they require the smallest hearing aid batteries, which means they will need to be changed more frequently. This can be difficult if you lack the dexterity required to handle tiny technology.

In The Ear (ITE)

These are custom-made hearing aids that sit in the bowl of the outer ear instead of the canal. They’re slightly larger than the ITC and CIC options, making them easy to insert and remove as well as gives good access to the battery compartment.

Invisible Hearing Aids

The smallest hearing aids available, these are invisible in the canal and are available now. They’re deep fitting, so they cannot be seen at all! Speaking to your audiologist at one of our convenient locations can help you to know whether these are available for you. Give us a call today to speak with a hearing care professional to talk through your hearing aid options: 1-888-553-7520

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