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Rechargeable Hearing Aids FAQs

Are you thinking about getting hearing aids? If so, then you might be shocked to discover that there are a variety of different options available on the market, from features to styles. One of the most popular and relatively modern options available is rechargeable hearing aids. In the past, hearing aids worked with batteries that needed to be replaced regularly. With rechargeable hearing aids, they do exactly as described. You can charge them up when the power drops by using a charging station. You can speak to your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist about this option in terms of your particular needs, but here are a few of the main FAQs that you should perhaps be aware of.


How Many Different Types Are There? 

Currently, there are only two main types of rechargeable hearing aid available for you on the market. There’s the Z-power silver zinc and the Lithium-Ion. The first option has a battery, which is interchangeable. So, you can use a chargeable battery or a standard battery. Whichever one suits you. The other option is slightly more advanced because the battery is a fitted part of the hearing aid. It can’t be replaced on the move so you have no option but to recharge it.


What Are the Benefits of Different Types? 

One of the biggest advantages of the lithium Ion hearing aid is that if you forget to charge up the battery, there’s no issue at all. You can instead choose to use a standard battery. However, these may not be as reliable as the other option on the market. The batteries can last up to a year, and then you will need to purchase a replacement.

In contrast, batteries built into the hearing aid tend to last a great deal longer. There’s a sealed unit here, so there’s less chance of technical issues or other problems. Batteries can be impacted by numerous things, including contact issues as well as moisture ingress. These batteries won’t need replacing for about six years, which is great news.


How Do They Charge?

Regardless of what hearing aids you choose, you’ll find that they do come with a full charging kit. This will typically be in the form of a case or a pod. The batteries or even the hearing aids fit inside, and then you will be able to set them up as you need to. Some other sets are far more substantial and also have battery packs. It generally depends on the system you choose. You can speak to your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist about the different possibilities. The benefit of a battery pack is that if you are without power for a limited time, you’ll still be able to charge up your devices. So it’s a more flexible option that you may perhaps want to consider.


How Fast Do They Charge? 

These devices can charge quite fast, and you will be able to get them fully ready if you leave them on overnight. Ultimately, you should be aiming to make sure that charging them is part of your daily routine, and that way you won’t run into any issues. Do be aware that while you can charge them overnight, it is advised that you do monitor them and ensure that they don’t get too hot. You need to charge them in an area free from moisture and other issues as well.


Are They Good For the Environment?

Another significant benefit of these hearing aids is that they are more friendly to the environment. That’s because you don’t have to go through multiple hearing aid batteries over one year. Instead, if you choose a suitable device, you could be looking at a hearing aid battery that will last for a decade or even a lifetime. That’s huge when you consider that it’s common to need about four or five batteries for each year annually with other devices.


How Much Do They Cost? 

Be aware that these hearing aids are going to save you money. The reason for this is that again; you won’t have to replace the batteries every few months. While you might think that the saving here will be minimal, those battery costs do add up.

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