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Musicians’ Hearing Protection

Musicians expose themselves to loud noises all of the time; it’s quite literally part of the job. However, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer the consequences that come with exposure to loud noises. Protection is out there for musicians, and it’s vital that anyone who is involved with music makes the most of that protection.

To help you understand more about the risk posed to musicians, we’re going to look at some of the hearing problems that can arise for musicians if they don’t protect their hearing correctly. We’ll also look at what can be done to protect your hearing better and prevent hearing loss and other related problems.


Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is all too common for musicians and this all links back to the fact that they’re exposed to loud noises so regularly. Hearing loss tends to happen gradually unless you were exposed to one particularly loud noise that caused instant hearing loss. For most people and musicians though, it happens over time, and this can make it a little harder to notice, to begin with. However, if you notice that you’re struggling in conversations and have to ask people to repeat themselves, you’re probably experiencing hearing loss.



Tinnitus is another common problem that’s experienced by musicians. It causes a ringing or buzzing noise in the ear, and this noise can be constant or intermittent. It’s entirely internal, and there’s nothing outside the ear causing that noise to be heard. It can be a very frustrating hearing problem to deal with, so if you’ve been experiencing it, don’t hesitate to take action and get help with the problem.


Eardrum Damage

Direct damage to the eardrum can sometimes occur as well. This kind of problem can manifest itself in various ways and can be one of the things that lead to hearing loss over time. Your eardrum is difficult to repair once it gets damaged; which is why it is so crucial to protect your auditory system in general when exposed to loud sounds.


How To Prevent Hearing Loss


Measure Noise Levels

Measuring the noise levels in your general vicinity is important. Of course, noises need to be loud when you’re on stage, but at practices and things like that, you can monitor sound levels. Even if you don’t want to lower the volume, you can at least be aware of how many decibels you’re hitting because you can then put measurements in place to ensure you’re always protecting yourself and not leaving yourself exposed to the possibility of hearing loss.


Wear Earplugs

Wearing earplugs should become the norm for you from here on out. It’s vital that your hearing is properly protected from the sounds that you’re exposed to regularly. There are all kinds of subtle and protecting hearing protection devices out there. Some high-quality earplugs that are designed to be used by musicians will do the job for you. Your hearing care provider is the ideal place to purchase your protection because they can provide you with advice on which styles or features would be suitable for you.


Ensure Plugs Seal Properly

Finally, you should ensure the earplugs you choose to use regularly are properly sealed. This will allow them to correctly and completely block out excess levels of sound that have the potential of doing damage to your hearing long-term. That’s why you should be careful to survey the options and decide which earplugs are capable of offering you the protection you need before you buy.


Hearing Aids For Musicians

There are many different hearing aids out there, and many of them are suitable for musicians. If you want to find out more about what you need from your hearing aid and which options are on the market right now, you should book an appointment to see a hearing care provider. They’ll be able to assess your situation and give you a better idea of your problems and how they can be remedied with the use of the correct hearing aid. If you have experienced hearing loss, don’t put off getting a hearing aid for a second longer.

As a musician, you owe it to yourself to make sure you protect your hearing. It’s one of the most important things to you when you love music and play it regularly. The last thing you want is to experience hearing loss or any of the other problems mentioned above. Visit one of our convenient locations if you want professional help from a hearing care provider or call: (888) 553-7520