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How to Prepare for Your Audiologist Appointment

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It’s not uncommon for people to be nervous about a health appointment. Hearing health can be even more intimidating because it’s not an aspect of your wellbeing that most are regularly concerned about until they need that first appointment. Preparation can make anyone feel better about an upcoming appointment, so here are a few ways you can prepare for your first trip to your audiologist.

Have your medical history at the ready

Details in your medical history can help audiologists diagnose more accurately, as well as ensuring that any potential treatments they offer won’t interfere with other issues you’re dealing with. Ask your primary healthcare provider for a copy of your medical history and try to think about any recent trauma to your head, neck, or ears. If you have any family history hearing loss, mark that down too. Lastly, bring your medication, or at least a list of them, with you to the appointment. The more comprehensive information about your health that you can give your audiologist, the more insight they have into your existing hearing issues.

Think about your lifestyle

If you’re attending for a hearing examination, then the audiologist will want to get comprehensive. Several aspects of your lifestyle might be relevant, especially considering how much noise you’re exposed to. If, for instance, you work on a construction site or mow lawns, you will want to remember to mention it.

Don’t be afraid to bring a notepad or a support person

Your first trip to the audiologist can be full of details that you want to remember. Whether it’s the results of the hearing exam, recommendations on how to protect your hearing or treatment options for you to think about. Feel free to bring a notepad so you can take down any details you don’t want to forget. You can also bring a family member if you want to make extra certain you understand everything you hear. What’s more, a family member could potentially help you flesh out details about the symptoms you want to talk about by sharing their own experiences or things they have witnessed.

If you have questions, write them down

Besides bringing a notepad to take down details you hear during the appointment, it might be wise to write down any questions you have about symptoms, treatments, or anything else the audiologist can help you with. During the appointment, it’s all too easy to forget that one key question you wanted to ask whether it’s because you’re nervous or you’re simply paying your undivided attention to what you’re being told. Your audiologist will be glad to answer any questions that they’re qualified to, so don’t be afraid about voicing your concerns or getting more information on anything hearing or balance health related.

Above all else, try to relax. Your audiologist will be very familiar with the first appointment and will help guide you through the process as painlessly as possible. The tips above can help things go as smoothly as possible, but there shouldn’t be any reason for concern nonetheless.