Summer Hearing Aid Care

Caring for your hearing aids during summer

The summer months are quickly approaching! Warm weather, sunshine, days sitting by the pool, and so many other activities are a part of what makes summer fun. As fun as these things are after the long winter months, they have the potential to cause damage to your hearing aids.  What to do if you get […]

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Spring showers bring May flowers! Which also means pollen, yard work, and more time outdoors. Anything outside when pollen season begins is at risk of being turned yellow and covered with flower petals, including your hearing aids. While the risk of a flower petal getting stuck inside your hearing aid is incredibly low, there is […]

Adjusting to Hearing Aids

Adjusting to Hearing Aids - Blog Image

Hearing aids can do so much more than help you hear better. They improve your quality of life and can even delay the development of Dementia. As amazing as hearing aids are, your hearing may not be 100 percent after you first get them. The assumption is that once you get hearing aids, you will […]