Encouraging a Loved One to Think About Their Hearing Health

When people are faced with hearing loss, they can often become defensive when someone brings it up. They might not want to admit that their hearing is changing. Even though you are coming from a good place when you bring up your concerns, the conversation around hearing loss can be a difficult one to have […]

What is Ride to End ALZ?

Marathons, sports games, benefit concerts, and bike rides are just some of the ways that people come together to support different causes. The Ride to End ALZ is a bike ride used to raise awareness and money for Alzheimer’s research.  The event started in South Carolina with less than 10 people participating in the first […]

Appointment Walk-Thru

Hearing assessments should not feel intimidating! For some people, the idea of being in a doctor’s office can be scary when they don’t know what to expect. We are here to walk you through what a standard hearing assessment looks like, so you feel confident walking into your appointment!  What is a hearing assessment?  A […]

What is an annual appointment?

Setting up a annual hearing appointment

“Have you scheduled your annual appointment yet?” Odds are you have received an email or piece of mail with this phrase on it in the past. Doctors’ offices and medical facilities send out these notices to each person who has had an appointment with them as a reminder that it is time to come in […]

Lunch and Learn

What is the Lunch and Learn program? The Lunch and Learn program is a free event that encourages people to start thinking about their hearing health. Attendees learn about the different sides of hearing health from a Hearing Care Specialist while enjoying a free meal. After the short presentation, everyone is encouraged to sign up […]

Protecting Your Hearing

2 pairs of noise cancelling headphones and air plugs

People often don’t think about protecting their hearing until some damage has occurred. There are activities that almost everyone takes part in that can lead to hearing damage without people realizing it. Concerts, gaming with headphones, shooting guns, and using power tools are just some examples. These activities involve being exposed to loud noises for […]

Conversations Around Hearing Loss

Elderly couple conversing about hearing loss

Having a family member or friend struggle with hearing loss is hard. It can be even more difficult to encourage them to seek professional help if their hearing loss is something they have become used to. But miscommunication, repeating information, and struggling with everyday conversations should not be the norm for anyone. Starting the conversation […]