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Can You Pass a Hearing Test and Still Have Hearing Problems

Passing a hearing test can be a relief, and taking hearing tests regularly is certainly important when you’re looking to protect your hearing and keep it in good health. But is it possible to pass a hearing test but still have problems hearing? It can be frustrating when you’re told everything’s fine only to go home and experiencing symptoms that don’t seem right to you.

It’s an important matter and it can cause difficulties for many people. Just because you’re told that you passed your hearing test, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any problems and that you should ignore the symptoms you’re experiencing. Find out more about this below.


Hearing Tests Pick Up On a Variety of Hearing Problems

First of all, it’s important to say that hearing tests are very important and they can pick up a wide variety of problems. Just because some things might be missed during a hearing test, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid them or that they’re not worthwhile. They can pick up a wide range of problems and they can be the beginning point of the process as you seek to get to the bottom of the symptoms you’re experiencing. 

If you’ve been tempted to dismiss hearing tests completely and skip appointments because you passed a test and still have problems, that’s not a great idea. Instead, you should find a good hearing care professional that you can trust and get to the bottom of your problems that way.


Hearing Tests Take Place in Quiet Rooms

One of the problems with hearing tests and why they don’t often replicate the situations in which you usually experience your symptoms is because they’re carried out in quiet rooms most of the time. And many people notice their hearing loss symptoms when they’re in busy and noisy environments. 

Many people are fine in quiet rooms with only one other person talking. But once there are multiple people talking over each other and there are background noises, they begin to struggle. That’s a key symptom of hearing loss and can’t always be replicated in a straightforward hearing test. It’s necessary to dig deeper to find the source of your problems if a hearing test has failed to identify the root cause of what you’re currently experiencing.


Some Signs and Symptoms Can Be Missed

When signs and symptoms of hearing problems are missed during a conventional hearing test, it can mean that people don’t always get the treatment and care that they require in order to treat the symptoms they’re experiencing and get to the bottom of them. That’s why communicating your symptoms and working with a hearing care professional who knows what they’re doing is so vitally important.

Just because a hearing test failed to shed a light on the cause of your symptoms, that doesn’t mean a diagnosis and the right treatment are not out there. It just means that further investigation into what’s going on is required. There are plenty of further tests beyond the most basic ones that will be able to pick up the reasons behind the difficulties you’ve been experiencing.


The Right Hearing Care Professional Will Get to the Bottom of Your Problem

By working with a highly qualified and accomplished hearing care professional, you’ll be able to make sure that the right approach is taken when getting to the bottom of your problems. They’ll get to the bottom of the things you’re experiencing and ensure the right treatment is found. That’s obviously important and you’ll then be able to ensure your hearing problems aren’t dismissed just because you passed a hearing test.

A hearing care professional should be able to communicate to you the reasons behind the testing they’re carrying out and put your mind at ease. They should certainly never be dismissive of what you’re going through because that suggests the wrong attitude entirely. And it’ll ultimately mean you don’t get the support and treatment you need. There are plenty of great hearing care professionals out there and here at our office, we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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