What is an annual appointment?

Setting up a annual hearing appointment

“Have you scheduled your annual appointment yet?” Odds are you have received an email or piece of mail with this phrase on it in the past. Doctors’ offices and medical facilities send out these notices to each person who has had an appointment with them as a reminder that it is time to come in […]

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Spring showers bring May flowers! Which also means pollen, yard work, and more time outdoors. Anything outside when pollen season begins is at risk of being turned yellow and covered with flower petals, including your hearing aids. While the risk of a flower petal getting stuck inside your hearing aid is incredibly low, there is […]

Adjusting to Hearing Aids

Adjusting to Hearing Aids - Blog Image

Hearing aids can do so much more than help you hear better. They improve your quality of life and can even delay the development of Dementia. As amazing as hearing aids are, your hearing may not be 100 percent after you first get them. The assumption is that once you get hearing aids, you will […]

How to treat impacted earwax

Tips For How to treat impacted earwax

What is earwax? Cerumen, more commonly known as earwax, is made from dead skin and hair cells in the inner ear. Though most people think of earwax as something that causes their ears to feel clogged or as something they need to clean out, it provides lubrication to the ear and has antibacterial benefits. It […]

Lunch and Learn

What is the Lunch and Learn program? The Lunch and Learn program is a free event that encourages people to start thinking about their hearing health. Attendees learn about the different sides of hearing health from a Hearing Care Specialist while enjoying a free meal. After the short presentation, everyone is encouraged to sign up […]

What Are the Risks of Dementia?

Our body systems work together in ways that most people do not understand. Two of those systems are the auditory system and the central nervous system, specifically the brain. Our ears are connected to the brain and that allows us to hear and process different noises. Sound waves travel through the ear, vibrate the eardrum, […]

Protecting Your Hearing

2 pairs of noise cancelling headphones and air plugs

People often don’t think about protecting their hearing until some damage has occurred. There are activities that almost everyone takes part in that can lead to hearing damage without people realizing it. Concerts, gaming with headphones, shooting guns, and using power tools are just some examples. These activities involve being exposed to loud noises for […]

Bluetooth Connectivity

Cellular phone showing connection to bluetooth

Technology is quickly evolving to meet the demands of the world around us. Cars, speakers, watches, and tablets have embraced Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth allows us to remain connected to the world without the hassle of switching devices to keep a conversation going. The world of hearing aids has begun to embrace Bluetooth connectivity, but with […]

Conversations Around Hearing Loss

Elderly couple conversing about hearing loss

Having a family member or friend struggle with hearing loss is hard. It can be even more difficult to encourage them to seek professional help if their hearing loss is something they have become used to. But miscommunication, repeating information, and struggling with everyday conversations should not be the norm for anyone. Starting the conversation […]

What to Expect During Your First Hearing Test

a woman receiving a hearing test

Whether you have suspected hearing loss, suffer from tinnitus, or simply think it’s a good idea to get your ears tested, visiting the hearing instrument specialist or audiologist for your first hearing test can be rather scary. However, it’s a far better solution than suffering in silence, which is why you should make the appointment at the […]