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Adjusting to Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can do so much more than help you hear better. They improve your quality of life and can even delay the development of Dementia. As amazing as hearing aids are, your hearing may not be 100 percent after you first get them. The assumption is that once you get hearing aids, you will be able to hear perfectly again as soon as you put them in. That is not the case in most circumstances. 

Getting your hearing aids

Hearing evaluations gather information on what sound frequencies are more difficult for you to hear than someone with what is considered normal hearing. Everyone has different degrees of hearing loss and may not struggle to hear the same sounds as someone else. Hearing aid levels get programmed using software that gets data from your Audiogram. This allows the different hearing levels to be customized to you and what your current hearing levels are. 

We hear with our brains meaning as hearing loss progresses, we can forget what things sound like. Hearing aids work with the brain by amplifying sounds, thereby increasing the soundwaves that form the vibrations that our brain recognizes as sound. Because your brain has forgotten what certain sounds are, it can take some time to adjust to everything you can now hear. 

While putting your hearing aid settings into the software program, your lifestyle and hearing goals will play a part in where your provider puts certain sound levels at. Your hearing levels will not be placed at full capacity right away. This gives your brain time to adjust and not get overwhelmed. 

Coming in for an adjustment

On average, it takes our brains an average of 30 days to adjust to wearing hearing aids. After that short period of time, it is recommended that the wearer come in for a hearing aid adjustment. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with your hearing aids, just that certain frequencies may need to be adjusted for you to be able to hear the way you want to.

Frequency levels can be adjusted multiple times during your hearing health journey! Just because you start at certain levels does not mean you have to stay there. When talking to your provider, they may recommend different adjustments to allow you to reach your full hearing potential. These levels get increased at your own pace and comfort. The provider will use data gathered from your Audiogram in conjunction with the software program used to program the frequency levels to make those changes.

You do not have to reach your target or maximum hearing levels. Get to where you feel confident in your hearing and where your levels are at. Everyone’s brain adapts to hearing aids at different rates. Because of this, you may be able to make those adjustments at a different pace than your peers.