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4 Facts About Audiologists

Audiology is a term that specifically refers to healthcare fields regarding your hearing and balance health. Audiologists are licensed professionals with an advanced degree, setting them apart from other businesses that provide hearing health services. For that reason alone, your audiologist should be the go-to for all your hearing health needs. But here are some other important facts that you might not know about them.


1. They Have the Most Credentials When It Comes to Hearing Health

As mentioned, one of the most important facts about audiologists is that they have to have an advanced degree in order to practice under that title. They are specifically trained in the field of hearing and balance health. Audiologists may also have further training that allows them to specialize in different fields, like pediatrics.


2. They Have a Lot of Expertise When it Comes to Hearing Devices

Hearing loss is a very common issue for the patients of audiologists. As a result, besides providing hearing tests, they can offer a lot of help when it comes to choosing the right form of treatment. If choosing a hearing aid, sharing your lifestyle needs, and getting a hearing test from an audiologist can help them narrow your choices and they can provide information on which features might be most relevant to you. Furthermore, audiologists regularly provide advice on how to care for hearing devices and can make most minor fixes on malfunctioning devices.


3. They Are Involved in All Stages of Your Hearing Healthcare

Other hearing care services can offer some specific help on individual aspects of your hearing health and treatment. For instance, some can provide hearing tests or recommend and fit hearing aids. However, in many cases, this means you will be bouncing from one service to the next. One might offer a diagnosis, one might run the tests, another might oversee the treatment. With an audiologist, you get all your care in one place. For instance, in the case of hearing loss, they will inspect the ear, perform the tests, recommend the treatment and help implement it to the fullest. Audiologists are there from the beginning to the end of your hearing health journey.


4. They Help With a lot More Than Hearing Loss

Hearing loss may be the most common issue that an audiologist will help treat and diagnose, but that’s not the only issue they can help with. They can help with all kinds of hearing and ear issues, such as sensitivity to noise and tinnitus. Furthermore, they can help with issues regarding the balance and equilibrium of their patients.

When it comes to your ear, hearing, and balance health, no one can provide the scope and depth of diagnosis, testing, and treatment that your audiologist can. Whether you are experiencing issues like hearing loss, tinnitus, or vertigo, you should make your first appointment with them.

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