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4 Differences Between Disposable and Custom Ear Protection

There are two main types of ear protection; disposable and custom. While they both serve the same purpose, there are plenty of differences between the two. If you’re thinking about purchasing some ear protection, then we think you should know how these two options compare. So, here are four key difference between disposable and custom ear protection devices


The primary difference is that disposable ear protection isn’t re-usable. You place them in your ears, wear them for as long as required, then throw them away. By contrast, custom ear protection can be re-used almost as many times as you want. If they’re kept in good condition, then they should last a year at least. This makes them a more convenient option than disposable ones. 


Following on from the previous point, disposable ear protection can be more expensive over time. If you just need a pair for a one-off event, then they will be cheaper. But, if you require ear protection multiple times a week for many weeks in the year, then they offer poor value for money. Disposable ear protection will need to be re-bought time and time again as you need them. Custom ear protection can be bought once, then used again and again. So, while the initial cost of custom ear protection is higher, the value for money is far better over time. 


Disposable ear protection isn’t made specifically for anyone. Most companies will just release one size that’s supposed to fit everyone. Obviously, this leads to issues with comfort. You may struggle to fit the ear protection in your ears, or it could rub against the outer part of your ear and cause irritation and soreness. You’re taking a gamble, and the chances are slim that you’ll find a pair that fit you correctly or comfortable. Custom ear protection is the exact opposite; they’re made for you by a hearing instrument specialist or an audiologist. Molds are made for your ears, so they can design ear protection that fits them. This makes them exceptionally comfortable and limits any irritation or soreness. 


The fourth and final difference is that custom ear protection outperforms disposable ones. This goes back to the fit; they slip into your ears perfectly. This means that there are no sound leaks, and you don’t plug up your ears too much either. Custom ear protection – gives you the protection you need while also providing better sound quality. You can hear things better thanks to the materials or features included. With disposable ear protection, you often hear distorted sounds, or everything is very echoey. While this can still protect your ears, it’s not ideal for enjoying music at a concert or trying to talk to someone while your ear protection is in. 

As you can see, disposable and custom ear protection have a lot of major differences. Most hearing care providers will recommend the custom option because it comes out on top in pretty much every category. Disposable ear protection still has a use, but it’s mainly for individuals who require ear protection very sporadically. 

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