The Benefits of Custom Ear Protection

woman in a yellow hardhat and ear plugs

Hearing damage often occurs as a result of old age or an injury, but it can also happen due to exposure to loud sounds. A “loud” sound could be something simple and every day such as using a lawnmower, and it could even happen if you’re driving or taking public transportation. It goes without saying that […]

Smart Ways to Protect Your Hearing

a woman holding her hand to her ear

Are you worried about damaging your hearing? If so, then it’s essential to take the right steps and make sure that you are protecting your ears and your hearing. Hearing loss is a common problem today, and contrary to belief is not confined to the elderly population. It’s possible for anyone to suffer from hearing loss even if you’re […]

Side Effects of Hearing Aids

two women talking about hearing aids

If you’re new to wearing hearing aids, or you’re preparing to try new hearing aids, you might have questions about side effects and what to expect when you start using the devices for the first time. When you have your hearing aid fitted, your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will discuss possible side effects with you […]

Rechargeable Hearing Aids FAQs

a person holding a rechargeable hearing aid

Are you thinking about getting hearing aids? If so, then you might be shocked to discover that there are a variety of different options available on the market, from features to styles. One of the most popular and relatively modern options available is rechargeable hearing aids. In the past, hearing aids worked with batteries that […]