7 Questions To Ask At Your Next Hearing Appointment

Should Improving Your Hearing Be On Your List Of Resolutions For The New Year?   If so, we know what you want:  the best care possible, no surprises, and the highest value for your money.  We believe our patients’ success comes from dialogue and thorough communication between you and your hearing care staff.  Part of having […]

Hearing Aids For Profound Hearing Loss

Hearing aids are an effective solution for hearing loss. When you have a hearing assessment, your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist will explain the results to you and then recommend treatment options. Every person is unique, and some types of hearing aid will suit some individuals better than others. When exploring the possibilities, the extent […]

Hearing Aids for Musicians

Healthy hearing is something that everyone deserves, but the need to treat hearing loss and prevent further damage is incredibly important when you’re a musician. After all, your ears are a central focus to your career. Problems with your hearing can affect your work and most passionate hobbies as well as daily communications, which is […]

Hearing Aids and Moisture

As small electronic devices, hearing aids are just as sensitive to water as any other piece of electronic equipment. A wet hearing aid is not a happy hearing aid. Unfortunately, however, the circumstances of daily life mean that at some point, your hearing aid will inevitably come into contact with water, potentially leading to damage. […]


When you wear hearing aids, it’s important to take good care of them and to be aware of potential risks that can affect their performance, including earwax buildup. While earwax is essential for keeping the ears lubricated and to protect against dirt and dust, too much earwax can be problematic. If you’re worried about excess […]

Do You Need a Hearing Health Professional?

Hearing health is something that few people think about over the course of their lives. This is, of course, completely natural; if you can hear well, it’s unlikely that you will actually notice your hearing that often – the sense just works exactly as it should. However, there may be a time in your life […]

Could Hearing Loss Be Secretly Affecting Your Health? A 7-Step Self Evaluation

Most Americans consider themselves health conscious, or at minimum, health aware – even if we don’t always eat healthy or exercise, we know we should.   If Hearing Loss Was Having A Negative Impact On Our Overall Health, How Would We Know? Our General Practitioner Or Family Doctor Would Tell Us, Right? Not necessarily.   When we […]

Dealing With Hearing Loss

As a young boy, I watched how my mother dealt with her hearing loss. It began as a mild inconvenience and gradually increased, creating a constant struggle to stay engaged and connected to everything she held dear. I was the third youngest of seven children. Growing up on a small farm in northeast Indiana, we […]

Can you afford the cost of hearing aids?

Hearing aids are by far the most popular form of treatment for hearing loss, as well as one of the most effective. However, many people who have been diagnosed with hearing loss become worried about whether they can afford the cost of these important devices. If you share these concerns, then the information below should […]

Can Hearing Be Regained Naturally?

Millions of people suffer from hearing loss in the US. Contrary to what you may think, it’s not an issue that only affects elderly people. While people who are aged 60 or above are at a high risk of suffering from hearing loss, younger people can get it as well.  This is because there are […]